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Thrilling action and dramatic adventure awaits you in JUNGLE RESCUE!

Retired United States Navy Seal, John Bradley is hired by a Texas billionaire to look for his daughter, an exchange student in Colombia who has been kidnapped. In order to find the missing girl, Bradley must brave perilous jungles and confront the threats of guerilla rebels and poisonous snakes…

The Bazatov Conspiracy

When CIA Agent, Melville Zadev boarded Gateway Airways Flight 189 at Abu Dhabi International Airport, Thanksgiving dinner was on his mind.  The many overseas assignments left him in a state of sheer exhaustion – another three months, and he’ll be saying goodbye to the CIA.  But by a strange and ironic twist of fate, Zadev learnt even before he landed at JFK that his blissful thoughts of retiring, were far from becoming a reality.   Two Jihadists had commandeered the flight. .....

A Chase to Argyle’s Castle

Detective Sergeant Pete Giovanni stumbles upon a cold case involving a chic, beautiful California college graduate. He soon finds out that a sordid trail of lies, murder, deception, and heart-wrenching romance leads to one man—Steve Hernandez! Bedecked with the fame and opulence most mortals can only dream about, Hernandez uses his vast family fortune to lure many unsuspecting women into his deadly tentacles. Th e psychopath has his sights set on another bright, young university graduate, Melinda Fallow, but Detective.....

Terror, Passion and Courage

This book is dedicated to all of the victims of terrorist attacks around the world. And to the unselfish bravery and commitment of law enforcement officers, military personnel, and other paramilitary units, fighting the deadly tentacles of terror.

Terror. Passion. Courage.

Author Geoffrey A. Gilbert invites readers to another action-packed read!