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authorGeoffrey Gilbert was raised by a loving grandmother who sold spices and bananas to put food on the table and most importantly to purchase kerosene for the lamp—since they had no electricity. His insatiable appetite for reading could not have been sustained without this.

He has worked in the private sector for 32 years. A significant portion of his working career was spent in banking, serving in clerical, supervisory and middle management positions. He now works as a private consultant.

Gilbert is also the author of four novels: Jungle Rescue, The Bazatov Conspiracy, A Chase To Argyle’s Castle, and Terror, Passion and Courage. He is an ardent follower of Current and International Affairs. With his meandering thrill and adventure, Gilbert intrigues readers with sheer excitement, and unpredictability.

He also aspires to have his work adapted to film. Gilbert participated in Hollywood PitchFest – Los Angeles, California (September 2014), and Las Vegas, Nevada (June 2016).

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